Download Mortal Kombat (4.1 Beta) for PC – Free

the saga Mortal Kombat It is one of the classic video games of the early 90s surprised with Midway Games fighting game original, with more than 30 characters very well animated thanks to excellent graphics engine (for the time) and a mind-bending gameplay.

The game was a whole Interactive movie gore where there is missing blood, broken bones, explicit violence and ghoulish sounds. Something that today is relatively normal to see in a video game, but at the time was really amazing.

Now you can relive those moments, those feuds against the machine in the arcade halls or battles against friends on the console, here's a perfectly playable version on your PC Mortal Kombat, with all movements, poses, guards, fatality moves (Animation of each character to kill his opponent), and all gameplay as the original game.

In addition, they have improved some sounds, animations and they added some characters missing fatality moves.