Download ZScreen ( – Free

One of the handiest Windows tools, but fewer options gives users is the clipboard. If we look for a tool that can give you hundreds of new features to the clipboard we can count on ZScreen, a free application that lets you not only take screenshots as you want or copy a paragraph from a website to your editor, but also offers options to upload your images or text to any online service hosting.

A new clipboard for Windows

The program allows us to take pictures of our desk as we want (full screen, active window, custom area), resize, insert a watermark, send it to an image editor or upload it to our choice to any online storage service as ImageShack, TinyPic, Flickr or Twitpic, among many others.

As for the texts we can also send them directly to any editor, upload them to a web hosting these types of files (Pastebin, PASTE2, Slexy,...), Translated into any language or send URLs directly to a shortening service these as (TinyURL, or

All this plus can be controlled keyboard shortcuts fully configurable so practically, once we control all these hits, no need to re-access the program configuration options. Download right now ZScreen and change your way of working with the clipboard easily.