Download Epic Browser (3.1) – Free

Epic Browser It is presented as the first browser designed to be used by people in India. It is a version of Firefox to which have been added a number of supplements that also facilitate navigation, they also offer security tools, a text editor or a utility to create lists.

Navigating through the Hindi culture

The program has a sidebar from which you can directly access a reader RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Orkut news among many other sites.

Another of the most striking features is the ability to write to any of the Hindu dialects spoken in India, as Punjabi, Bengali or Assamese.

The graphical appearance Epic Browser It is very striking, which remind one more of the popular Bollywood movies. We can also customize its appearance to your liking with any of the available skins.

If you're a fan of Hindu culture and are looking for a program that allows you to discovering small curiosities of this country and its customs, In addition to having many facilities to navigate, and the same test Epic Browser.