Download gStrings (1.0.14) Android – Free

When playing a stringed instrument like guitar or violin you must have a tuner to enable it to ensure that the instrument is properly tuned, something which can now be used gStrings.

Tune your guitar with mobile

gStrings It has been designed in such a way that allows the user tune the guitar depending on the type of music that will touch. Because this includes:

  • Tuned for orchestras, allowing you to move or redefine frequency tones.
  • different temperaments.
  • nonlinear scaling variable range.
  • And more...

In addition, within the options gStrings the user can change the microphone sensitivity to be more precise when tuning each of the different instruments which can be used application.

Use your smartphone as a tuner.

Discharge gStrings Chromatic Tuner free to tune your guitar, violin or cello using just your smartphone.