Download Tor (7.0.8) Mac – Free

If you want to protect your identity when you surf the Internet, the best you can do is connect to the network Tor through the browser developed specifically for this purpose: Tor browser.

Surf the web anonymously.

This communications network based your privacy on the way it has to route messages, using what is known as onion routing, hence the name of the network, an acronym for The Onion Router.

modified version of Firefox

This particular browser offers a simple way to access the network through a mod of Firefox. Protects the user by making their communications bounce off a distributed network, maintained by volunteers around the world to prevent anyone can spy on your Internet connection and see what consume content, and ensure that the sites visited did not know the physical location of the user.

The popularity of this browser has spread over recent years with the spy scandals some government agencies, so it would not hurt you begin to familiarize yourself with Tor Browser.