Download AVIAddXSubs (9.11) – Free

One of the most commonly used formats for subtitle files It is Srt, but there are some players who are not able to read this type of file, so it is necessary to use a program like AVIAddXSubs.

Your subtitles always available

To avoid that they can not read subtitles, AVIAddXSubs joins files so that they are only one file, while offering the ability to enable or disable the subtitles without any problem.

This technique AVIAddXSubs It offers the possibility of set up a total of 8 subtitle files for each video file.

Depending on the type of file used AVIAddXSubs It uses two different subtitle formats, XSUB for AVI files and idx / sub for MKV and MP4 files.

In addition the program to modify subtitles AVIAddXSubs also it includes other tools:

  • AVIBitrate: Which allows find the tase bit of an AVI file.
  • IdxSub2Srt: To convert Idx files to Srt.
  • SUBRenamer: To rename subtitle files.

Therefore, if you want to change the subtitle files of your videos, just to download AVIAddXSubs free.