Download Look @ LAN (2.50.35) – Free

You want monitor your network with a very easy to use? The answer is Look @ LAN, a free application that features a full operation and intuitive interface.

Look @ LAN It is a network scanner that monitors your network at a given range of IP addresses, specified by the user. As a result, it provides complete information with useful information such as hostname, operating system, active services, NetBiosuser, NetbiosName, traceroute, response time, SNMP, etc.

The main features of Look @ LAN They are:
- Monitoring of all network information.
- Notices of changes in any node.
- Real time operation.
- Possibility to use it in the network node that you specify.
- Autodetection options network configuration.
- Viewing statistics and graphs.
- Exported information to different formats: XML, HTML, Excel, Word, ...
- friendly interface.

install Look @ LAN and get all the information you need from your network in a single click.