Download Marcianito GO (1.8.2) Android – Free

GO Pokémon fever is getting out of hand. The huge number of applications companion to help capture Pokémons is added a bunch of clones to hunt almost any creature that comes to mind. And now we can Martians catch thanks to the APK Marcianito GO Android.

Changes Pokémons by Martians

As in the original game in which it is based, we use our smartphone camera to explore our surroundings for Martians are marked on the radar the app. Once we detected one, we simply throw our marcianoball and difficulty to catch him at the first level will depend on the reality of it.

Capture any sign of extraterrestrial life.

There's a total of 16 Martians catch, each a different appearance percentage ranging between 70% chance of capturing a normal Mars to 0.0075% chance of hunting a diamond Mars. As always, your goal is to catch them all.