Download Gramblr (2.9.19) Mac – Free

If you are a yonki of the Likes Instagram but when you work from Mac do not see how to upload your favorite photos, you're in luck. Gramblr It is a free application to install on your Mac, with which you can quickly and easily upload photos to your profile for this network.

It is a desktop application that lets you upload images and videos to Instagram.

What alternatives offered by the application?

Gramblr It is not simply an intermediary to upload photos, but also It offers other features and functionalities. You can easily manage multiple Instagram profiles by clicking on the current profile to switch between them.

We also offer the option of add certain effects to your photos, Adding items to give them a more jovial and fun touch before uploading. These effects are the famous emoticons, change the background image on the other ... In short, you can play with your photos to get better (or worse, depending on how you would curres) opinions among your contacts.

How does it work?

Is very easy to use, it is only open question, enter your Instagram credentials and you can already get a up like crazy or crazy, videos and photos from the comfort of your Mac. It is important that before you start working with the application upgrade to the latest version to enjoy all the new options, as well as improved performance features. In the initial screen of the application, if a new version is available, you can click on the link that tells you.

It has several languages, although it is very simple to use, it's all very intuitive. Further, You can schedule uploads content, ie upload the photo or video with Mac and you can tell it is not published immediately, but a day and at a specific time.

Finally, indicate that even being a totally free application, you do not have to swallow any advertising or annoying messages about it.