Download Microsoft Expression Studio (4) – Free

Microsoft Expression Studio It is one of the design suites more complete and at the same time unfamiliar. It covers different fields of design, from the web to video editing.

Now, Improved compatibility is, especially when export and import between the various programs that make up the suite, as well as adding new features.

The suite consists of:

- Expression Blend: Intended for professional design, WPF supports and Silverlight (Very fashionable lately). With WYSIWYG interface to work quickly with vectors, bitmaps, artwork, video, and other tools. It incorporates default controls and is able to use 3D models.

- Expression Design: part of Microsoft Expression Studio dedicated to professional illustration and graphic design. With a graphical interface specifically designed for this type of work, it is able to export various graphic formats simultaneously. Their tools are prepared for vector drawing and incorporates various visual effects.

- Expression Encoder: this program improvement, coding and facilitates video publishing, improving the outcome for integration into Silverlight. Convert and compress multiple video formats for mobile, web, HD or H.264. It also allows you to use streaming. You can edit videos and Encoder will handle recode with advanced methods that get save time without losing quality.

- Expression MediaThe organizer of the suite. As this is a suite that presumably will create thousands of files, drafts and copies, Expression Media organizes all. It allows up to 128,000 items in the catalog to browse, rate, modify the metadata, preview and export direct to other programs of the Expression suite. It allows automatic synchronization and creating backups.

- Expression web: Tool creating professional websites this suite. It is responsible for meeting the standards of the Internet, as well as facilitate the development of ASP.NET and PHP. Information panels and tasks, and compatibility with Photoshop ability to work with CSS, ASP.NET 3.5 and PHP.