Download Rayman Classic (1.0.1) Android – Free

Back in 1995 the French company Ubisoft launched one of the platform games most successful of the decade. We talk about Rayman, who appeared in principle for PlayStation and Sega Saturn and defunct Atari Jaguar and, later, would appear for PC, Game Boy and other game consoles from Nintendo.

The original Rayman for Android and iPhone

Obviously this game has also been adapted to mobile platforms can download the APK of the first versions on the smartphone or tablet. We talk about Rayman Classic recovering this 2D platform game starring the legendary hero with no arms or legs (But with hands and feet).

A platform game for Android that can not miss on your smartphone.

The game, which comes after other consequences as supplies 2 and 3, Raving Rabbids, Origins and Legends, brings us back to environment that we saw in 1995 offering exactly the same functions as then to defeat the evil Mr. Dark.

  • Retraces the original worlds and levels as the Enchanted Forest, Land of the bands, Candy Castle or the Blue Mountains.
  • Dodges, jumps, runs and make your way to death.
  • Unleashes special powers.
  • Frees Electoons to complete levels.
  • Defeat the bosses.
  • Take on various game modes such as Legendary or the Occasional.

This is a review of the mythical arcade It has taken care to preserve the pixelated graphics more than twenty years ago. Who said remastering?