Download FreeHand (MX 11.0.2) Mac – Free

Adobe brings you closer FreeHand, one of the most popular programs for vector graphics design. There are many professionals who have chosen this tool for their daily work, and many areas such as desktop publishing, advertising or web design.

With outstanding interface, FreeHand manages to unify the entire procedure in a single graphical environment. Thus it comes to increasing productivity, something to add to its ease of learning and use.

The set of vector-based tools included in the package allows complex operations and create all sorts of dynamic graphics. With FreeHand You can apply attributes stroke, fill, and effects on the same object.

Given that FreeHand It is compatible with other great products like Flash or Fireworks, it has become a ideal choice for those who want to enter the world of design, editing, creating animations, documents... The publication will be a breeze thanks to this tool.