Download Nuendo (7.0) Mac – Free

This It is a full season post-production audio that provides audio professionals the best tools in your field. Developed under the baton of the German multinational Steinberg, Nuendo is the software used by engineers and music producers of half the world.

A powerful and reliable tool.


  • leader in audio post-production platform.
  • also works with files thanks to the powerful video engine and renewed included.
  • Record, edit, and mix audio.
  • It includes ADR tools that improve workflow and productivity.
  • Suitable for work in the audiovisual industry: TV, film, advertising, video games, etc.
  • It includes all kinds of VST3 instruments and effects.
  • MediaBay and mixer redesigned.
  • And detection systems quantization improved transient.
  • New mixing and routing options signal.

Used in live recordings and broadcasting.

Native world leader in post-production work

Is about It is an almost incomprehensible product possibilities. And not only we talk about audio post-production, but also as a platform for recording or studio work. All kinds of audiovisual material can be treated with this tool, which with the passage of time and the emergence of new versions has gained possibilities and stability.

And download the program for Mac and you will have the workstation with audiovisual content where you can record, edit, mix and produce material like a true professional.