Download Mass Effect 3 for PC – Free

In recent years, Action RPGs have made a big hole in this genre, and this is due largely to the launch of what is probably the best game of futuristic role seen to date: Mass Effect.

Ending the cycle of Commander Shepard

As once said BioWare after the initial success of the first part of Mass Effect, the series dedicated to the story of Commander Shepard ends in Mass Effect 3, where the threat of the reapers has reached its peak after a frontal attack on Earth.

Gather your group

As in previous installments of the game, the salvation of the known universe is in the hands of Commander Shepard, but in order to achieve your goal you must ensure recruit an elite group attack, among which we find old acquaintances in the series (Garrus, Ashley Williams or Liara T'Soni) And new ones.

Each of the group members Shepard can help you achieve your goal through their special abilities, since their training is very specific, and will be very important to choose which team count for each of the adventures.

Decide your way

There is one thing that stands out above the others in RPGs, is that Players have the power to decide the approach you want to give your character, because as we go along Mass Effect 3 You may decide the skills that Commander Shepard specializes itself.

New game mode: online

Mass Effect 3 finally introduces one of the options that had not been available so far in the game, and it was sued by a high number of players, online gameplay.

In this Cooperative gameplay they can be unlocked areas, equipment and character classes along with three other players via network. All characters start with the same options (human soldiers), but by his good understanding and the combination of their skills will be able to end multiple missions entrusted to them.

So what are you waiting for, download Mass Effect 3 free and discovers the end of one of the most important sagas of games in recent years.

Mass Effect 3: Mode Multiplayer


Mass Effect 3: Mode Multiplayer