Download Logisim (2.7.1) – Free

In designing electrical circuits printed has become essential software capable of providing analysis of these. However before taking the plunge to design you need to understand its logic and to do nothing better than to download Logisim.

Learning operation of printed circuit boards

Logisim It allows construction of complex digital circuits with an interface that contains the elements necessary for it, as the basic logic gates own Boolean algebra (AND, NOT, OR ...) or the circuits most commonly used compounds. With their simulation functions You can see for yourself how they work each and every one of the modifications and extensions you enter.


  • Editing projects from zero and imported.
  • Exporting images.
  • Simulation operating.
  • customizable interface.
  • Wide variety of items such as, conductors and associated devices, arithmetic circuits, inputs and different outputs.
  • Using logic gates basic and composite.

Discharge Logisim If you want a software that learn and understand the principles of Boolean algebra applied to digital circuits.