Download GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto PC – Free

Talk of Grand Theft Auto is doing on one of the franchises most spectacular and successful games of recent decades and has triumphed on all platforms: Windows, iPhone, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox ... The open world in which the action, freedom of movement, their characters and their plots have been developed for each of deliveries of the saga real bombs.

GTA V: back to Los Santos

Recreation of Los Angeles GTA: San Andreas is again protagonist in GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto, a game in which his three protagonists (a street hustler, a bank robber and a psychopath) are mixed with lowest crime with corrupt officials in the US government and the entertainment industry. From here you know what touches: violence, underworld and a huge world to explore in complete quests.

key features

  • 4K quality graphics.
  • Map biggest ever game.
  • Online multiplayer GTA.
  • Record and edit your video games by creating short films with Rockstar Editor.
  • Improvements in driving and the system of fighting and shooting over previous versions.
  • Game characters and voices dubbed by professional actors.

A game system more fluid

One of the novelties of this new San Andreas is that the gaming system has become more fluid. It is closer to the playability of the shooters so the experience is more fluid and fast; more action and less adventure.

265 million it cost the development of Grand Theft Auto 5 have placed it at the time as second most expensive game in history.

Do not hesitate and play to discover how the great enigmas where planes go in the game, who buy property or how many characters played ...

GTA Online: multiplayer now with bikers (bikers)

This is the multiplayer Grand Theft Auto 5 that although an independent delivery in principle was later included in the patch of the original title was considered. With the we can play against other users solo or in teams in different game modes: Deathmatch, team deathmatch, missions, last team standing, capture, careers ... and even on a motorcycle gangs starring in which the characters belong to this environment scenario.

And if you have problems to overcome some stage you can always turn to countless tricks, tips, guides, keys and codes you can find on the Internet: its community of players is very large and active. Of course, we hope this makes precisely as in previous versions of the saga: to prepare mods to expand the possibilities of the game.

You know that GTA 5 for PC is the departure time of a classic. So do not hesitate a moment longer and grab the game's most spectacular action and macarra in recent years.