Download The Pinnacle of V (1.8.1) for PC – Free

GTA V is one of the biggest hits of the year in the field of video games for PC. But what might be even better than it is? The Pinnacle of V, a mod title Rockstar created by Josh Romito, answers this question with 'yes' resounding.

Realism at the highest level.

But not only improved graphics, adding textures 4K to the stage, improving lighting and color, and making more realistic graphics than the original game, but practically completely change the title, offering a Grand Theft Auto V totally new.

improved graphics

This mod offers a perfect balance of color thanks to the Reshade configuration and ENB and a graphic section completely renovated in every detail of the scenarios is improved, including weather conditions, shadows, reflections, lighting, prints, smoke, etc.

New textures 4K

The Pinnacle of V Add new textures a multitude of objects in the game, including 4K textures:

  • Clouds.
  • Water.
  • Stars and moon.
  • Blood.
  • Raindrops.
  • Fire.
  • Vegetation.

much more realistic vehicles

The intention of The Pinnacle of V It is that you can drive around Los Santos without feeling like you're driving a toy vehicle. Therefore every car, van and truck game has been modified to provide it with greater realism in terms deformations, maximum speeds, weight and physical accident.

New interactions between characters

GTA V characters, including players like Trevor o Franklin, and their relationships are modified in The Pinnacle of V. The police and their encounters bands are much more taken seriously in the street, you'll have a much closer relationship with animals Los Santos and you can even stay close to pedestrians without them running out to first.

more intelligent behavior of the population

The flow of pedestrians and cars in Los Santos becomes much more realistic in this mod, bearing in mind the rush hour every day, and making the city in general has its own life. Similarly, police checks, both on foot and in vehicles, are far more accurate and we will find new faces every day.

Greater destruction and violence

How could it be otherwise, the weapons available in GTA V have also been improved to unsuspected points. Both sound, personalized for each gun, as its destructive power, gunshot wound, reverse and recharging process are more realistic and can shoot through materials that until now could not.