Download Splive TV (2.6) Android – APK Free

If ever you wondered how to watch TV on mobile or tablet do not do more because here you have the solution. Is about Splive TV, an app to view channels of DTT broadcasting in Spain open but offers the possibility to also tune into those of other countries.

This application works by the method of lists. That is, itself has a list of channels that you can explore and play on your mobile device. But while you can Search lists made by other users, which can be set to different themes (Lists of movie channels, sports, cartoons, etc.), and allow you to customize your content. These come in XML format.

key features

Splive functions are very basic, whcih case of an app to watch TV online. These are the main ones:

  • Tune TV channels DTT via an Internet connection.
  • Check the schedule: find out what is broadcast and when and access your synopsis.
  • Access channels in a manner organized by themes.
  • Download lists with channels that packages grouped by theme: sports, movies, series, children's, documentary, Mediaset channels, international channels, regional channels, adult ... updated until 2017.
  • Create your own channel lists and share them with the rest of the user community.

Watch free TV on Android is not a chimera.

Anyway is not the only service you'll find, as others like Splive Player or Wiseplay offer identical systems tuning online TV channels through lists and also with more supply, more stability and a larger community of users.

If you download the APK you can use it to have Splive PC, since only you would need an emulator for Android and the Internet to watch TV to big screen.