What is Push Ghost malware and how to remove it from your Android?

New highly infectious malware for Android

One of the first safety recommendations they give you on arrival is the world Android download applications from "trusted sources" or, in other words, Google Play. It is true that other sources of questionable legitimacy run more risk of getting infected with something unwanted, but it is true that from time to time we encounter some exceptions to this rule.

It is the case Ghost Trojan Push, malware hidden in popular applications and has managed to make his way to the inner sanctum of -the aforementioned Android Google Play Store-. In any case, in this article we will not only tell you what it is and how it works Push Ghost, but we will also give you a way to eliminate the Trojan once and for all from your Android.

Active since September

Malicious code that activates the malware Ghost Push It was discovered last September, 18. specifically on malware spread quickly and soon had managed to infect up to 900,000 devices, a negligible figure this includes various smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers and markets.

It can infect all kinds of Android devices from any manufacturerIt can infect all kinds of Android devices from any manufacturer

This rapid growth was only possible because of the nature of the Trojan, which has not only been able to circumvent security measures Google, but also He has managed to root the devices in which it is installed full form. This has made it virtually impossible to get rid of him.

This operation, as we read on Android Authority, It has been orchestrated by Chinese hackers, that once getting root access dedicated themselves to send installing applications without user consent -Applications according Cheetah Mobile would be payment-. The total amount of money obtained illegally by hackers totals more than four million dollars a day.

How To Remove Ghost Push Android

Some Ghost infected applications Push They are including fake versions of Calculator, Smart Touch, Touch Assistive, Talking Tom 3 Easy Locker, Privacy Lock among others, although for now there is not much to worry about: Google already has undertaken to remove them from the Google Play Store. As already mentioned, is a Push Ghost virus very difficult to remove it sticks to the insides of your phone. Most antivirus do not work even, but Cheetah Mobile has created a specific tool Push to end Ghost.

Download Ghost Push Trojan Killer Free for Android

Ghost Push Trojan Killer1.0.2




to download

You can download the application button you see just above these lines is also good detecting malware, so if you notice any unusual activity on your smartphone, or if you have downloaded some of the apps mentioned above, do not hesitate to perform preventive scanning.

This is just one example of why Always be careful what you do with your smartphone. Sometimes even the Google Play Store is an unsafe place, so try to exercise caution when downloading applications.