Download Traktor (PRO 2.11.0) – Free

As regards the supply of programs to mix music and songs puncturing the offer is wide although a few who really considered the best. Surely you head comes to Virtual DJ, DJ ProDecks, Serato and, of course, Traktor. This is one of the most successful, not least because it comes supported by Native Instruments, leading design software and hardware for music production company.

Version one of the program emerged as a revolution in DJ booths, but it was version 2 which got as a reference tool to confirm and consolidate its reputation as a flagship product (And only) in the case of a disc jockey.

Possibly the best software for DJs on the market.

With support for up to four punch tracks simultaneously, it offers a very intuitive interface for all functions and a file browser that lets you search your music library and keep it properly organized, including iTunes.

key features

  • Up to 4 players or decks simultaneously available for unique blends.
  • Improved synchronization engine. It detects with high precision and BPMs rhythms and blocks the mixture for a perfect and infinite synchronization.
  • Professional mixer based on the technology of mixing consoles hardware Allen & Heath.
  • Integrated Equalizer 4-band channel, a band rather than traditionally available.
  • High pass filters and low pass independent for each channel of the mixer.
  • crossfade adjustable curve.
  • Four racks effects per deck.
  • Advanced and precise functions for working with loops.
  • Up to 8 points CUE allocable to each of your songs.
  • Audio effects all synchronized to the speed of the song or master tempo and based on REAKTOR technology.
  • Sample Decks and loops perfectly synchronized.
  • Ability to create chains of effects to achieve unique results.
  • Compatible with external controllers and mixers.

Compatible with controllers S4, S8, X1, Z1 S5 or others.

TruWave system interface optimized

Native Instruments used here your display system that uses graphical information to differentiate the different elements of a song. The system provides TruWave colored waveforms with which differentiate drum hits, vocal or aggressive passages leads synthesizer for example.

It also offers various levels of zoom lens to observe with great precision the content of the songs as well as overview of the song, with which see the array at a glance.

Moreover, different display modes feature Essential View "an optimized view for use Traktor Pro with a mixer or external controller.

creative Tools

It has a series of functions designed to exploit the user's creativity. For example your Sample Decks, allowing launch up to four audio samples for each of the decks perfectly synchronized with the tempo. This opens a world of possibilities for remixing and editing your music. Import any sound until the slots dedicated or even capture the audio software itself for insertion into a music session taking advantage Loop Recorder.

This utility is able to record any audio source that will point instantly. records loop and uses it as a part of the set, making it even possible to use it as an additional fifth player.

To these must be added the more than 30 professional quality effects, four FX Units and Macro FX single button that offers unlimited sonic palette, and is also flexible grouping and customization effects.

At the same time it allows Stems file editing, multi-channel audio format consisting of four musical elements and allows the standalone edition of each. You can be loaded into the program and create spontaneous mixes, versions capella, instrumental and anything you can think of enriching or isolating any of the channels.

How to Install a Traktor TSI file


How to Install a Traktor TSI file