Download INMOVILLA (5.96) – Free

The property management includes lots of actions to perform: Search flats for sale, collect information from prospective buyers, arrange visits, track property, etc. Organize all these tasks can be tricky if you do not possess a specific application as INMOVILLA.

INMOVILLA real estate offers a complete solution from which to manage the most relevant aspects related to the sale of flats, an intuitive and simple way. To do this, it offers different sections within the application, organized into tabs:
- Demand. Gathers personal and contact customers interested in buying property data. It also includes the requirements set by the customer to make the purchase: approximate price, area, number of rooms, etc. It also shows a list of the available offers that meet the demands of the buyer.
- Observations. This is a field to record customer feedback.
- Tracing. It lets see what the situation is more demand.
- visits. It provides a list of scheduled appointments with clients and their impressions about visited properties.
- reviews. Lists properties pending review.

Further, INMOVILLA It offers other interesting utilities generate documents, calculate mortgages, make model contracts, manage sending emails to customers, etc.