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Microsoft Office office suite It has reached standard status because it is the most used and extended worldwide. Among the tools that make up the package are the famous Excel, PowerPoint and, of course, the word processor Word.

The perfect solution to create, edit and enhance documents

This is the reference program to draft since it has a extensive selection of functions and features that allow you to work smoothly with all that that entails preparing a written document. Microsoft Word is, in short, the Alpha and Omega of word processors. Compatibility with the most popular formats and its simplicity and flexibility in creating and editing tasks it the leading application.

Any application that deals with open documents DOC format of the program itself.

  • Draws up documents from scratch.
  • read mode to avoid distractions.
  • Apply different formats.
  • Add different elements such as images, tables or graphics.
  • Corrects spelling and grammar automatically.
  • Compatible with ODF (OpenDocument Format) files used by free office suites.
  • Perform internal searches or contextual content on the Internet.
  • It works collaboratively in real time.
  • Get recommendations on the work you are carrying out.
  • Enter mathematical equations in pen mode.
  • Sync your work to OneDrive.
  • Support for editing PDF.

Word 2016 power group work and online

What you've read above are some general characteristics that we expect from this program. However if it remains the favorite of millions of users is because Microsoft He has worked to adapt its characteristics to how we work today, both professional and academic environment and domestic.

This tool a professional, domestic and academic environments.

We are continuously connected to the Internet so it is obvious that this facet is enhanced in any program and this would not be less. That's why it has been included synchronizing files with OneDrive so that you can grant permissions to read and edit other users; so that If you work collaboratively always you have access to the latest version of a document. And all with a space to add comments and responses, so that all team members can learn what design changes, content or format are.

Nevertheless version history allows you to retrieve previous documents any changes, so if an error has occurred you can always retrieve a previous version.

You can download a free trial version, but it must be recorded in Office 365 and entering payment data ... anyway you may reach interested thus software update subscription since you always have online updates on lists product to download.

Reducing the size of your Word 2013 documents


Reducing the size of your Word 2013 documents