Fallout 4 Cheats for PC: immortality, infinite weapons and money

Fallout 4 garage home screen

Looking tricks Fallout 4? You have come to the right place. If you want to know how to get infinite plates, have a small (large) help combat or just open all the doors closed in the game, as is customary in Bethesda, their new game hides a series of console commands that allow us to do this and more.

This list continues to grow with the tricks you find in the game, so if you do not want to miss any add us to your favorites and check the list from time to time to discover new ways of cheating.

Using these tricks can ruin the original experience of Fallout 4 (if using console commands, it is preferable to save before, just in case) but for those who have to tough nut to crack or have already roamed the Yermo over I want to confess to, nobody is bitter sweet.

Console Commands Fallout 4

Use these tricks through the game console. Open the console and type the command to activate the cheat.

Opening the Command Console

To open the command console Fallout 4 we have to press the [n] key, and we will press again to close it. In the picture you can see below, where we have written "Enter code here", That place is where you type commands.

Open command console Fallout 4Open command console Fallout 4

Once we have this clear, here you must enter codes to reach these small traps:

Infinite life and money

  • How to get infinite life, infinite ammo, unlimited weight and inexhaustible VATS (activate God Mode): TGM
  • How to be invincible (demigod mode, as God but only infinite life): tdm
  • How to be immortal: tim
  • Fill lost health: player.resetheatlh
  • Chapas endless (infinite money): player.additem 000000F XXX (You have to change the X by the number of sheets you want to add to our account)
  • endless hairpins: player.additem 000000A XXX (Such as plates, change X by the number of pins that need)
  • Get anything you want: player.additem [ID] [XXX] (Put the ID of the object you want and change the X by the number of them you want: weapons, materials, equipment ... For these IDs can stroll through the room -you developers find how below-)
  • Show ID load inventory: player.showinventory (Useful for duplicate)
  • Unlock doors and terminals: unlock

Changes in the character

  • Raise the level of your character: player.setlevel XX (Switch X for the desired level, this parameter could only jump, can not lower the level)
  • Increase one level: player.advlevel
  • Load more weight: player.modav carryweitght YYY (YYY changes for the new maximum weight you can load)
  • Change the sex of your character: sexchange (If you want to spend your denizen of male to female or female to male)
  • Increase the size of the character: setScale [1-10] (Choose a number from 1 to 10 to see what happens to his character)
  • Activate all brands and locations on the map: TMM 1
  • Walk through walls and doors with your character: tcl
  • high jump: setgs fJumpHeightMin [X] (Changing X by a figure, the larger more jump, but be careful because the fall can injure or kill your character)
  • Outrun: player.setav speedmult [X] (If you change the X for a figure, the higher it is, the faster you run your character, and less will cost you bump the Yermo from side to side)

Game settings

  • Activate a free camera you have better perspective: tfc
  • Accelerate or delay the passage of time: September timescale [X] (16 is the measure established in Fallout 4, ie, every minute play, pass 16 in play time)
  • AI off completely (all still): tai
  • Disable game interface: tm
  • Finish the game (beware spoilers): caqs
  • Complete the mission: completequest (ID mission)
  • Show the phases of the mission: SQT
  • Complete all phases of the mission: completeallobjetctives (ID mission)

Aids in combat

  • Disable AI in combat: TCAI
  • Back idiot AI and can not detect us: tdetect
  • Kill all nearby enemies: killall (Your companions, as Meatball, Piper or Cait, can not die, but will need a stimulant if you want to return to action immediately)
  • Kill an enemy: Kill [ID] (In "ID" enemy code)
  • Resurrecting an enemy: resurrect [ID]
  • Move a NPC to our side: player.placeatme XXX (XXX writes in the name of the character)
  • teleportation - coc XXX (Replacing the XXX place you want to move)

Entering the hall developers

In this hidden room, our character meets all weapons, power armor, items or upgrades available in the game. In it, players can try out all these things and get your ID for use in the game. all holocintas dispersed by the Commonwealth so you can hear are also available.

  • Entering the hall developers: coc qasmoke
  • Exit the room Developers: COE January 1

glitches, secrets: ingame tricks

If you prefer another kind of tricks exploit more ingame, such as glitches or secret, we encourage you to try these:

endless sheets

In order to have untouched sheets endless game console, we can take advantage of a glitch that has the title of Bethesda.

The trick is easy to carry out but It does not work with all vendors Fallout 4, although with the majority. It is also easy to check so that nothing happens if you give a seller who does not have this error. Go for the next one! Consists in:

  • Nearer to a seller, activate the option to negotiate with him and buy all the ammunition of the same type.
  • Sell ​​a unit of ammunition that we have purchased.
  • Sell ​​the rest of the ammunition we had bought.

In this simple way, and always without doing any other operation, we are left with a unit "ghost" Ammunition in our inventory, we can sell infinitely, or rather, until we stop caulless seller. If we sell ammunition beyond the seller plates, we can make him pay the debt with any object you have in your inventory, so this trick we can get everything we need from each vendor.

It is recommended to choose a munition which has more than 10 units and we do not have in our inventory (give it to your partner before starting negotiations). This video is clear:

Meatball sends to the Cryolator

Do you remember that molona weapon that was behind a glass case at the Refugio 111? This is the Cryolator, a powerful gun you want to have ice. Fresh from our cryostasis had no ability to force with forks, but we have to wait long to get it: you just have to know Meatball.

Back to the shelter with the dog and order him to look for useful things when you're near that ... I do not know how he does it but our faithful companion takes the gun without breaking the box.

secret Power Armor

True, it not takes too long in the game to get a first power armor, as takes to become a mother of the most feared of the Commonwealth dweller. However, we can get a power armor early in the game even without starting any mission and in a few minutes. IGN this video shows us the way to an abandoned power armor in the forest. Is alone, go for it:

Replicate weapons and equipment

To get as many things as we want to replicate in the game, weapons, equipment, objects ... there's a glitch in Fallout 4 that allows us to do. For this we need to Meatball again.

The trick is to drop something and make Meatball pick it up, but the moment in which our colleague leans toward the object, we also collect. If times are correct, we will have two identical objects in the inventory. We can let things go in twos, threes (as many have) and will double the number of objects every time you leave us well the trick. Meatball How clever! (Does not work with ammunition)

S.P.E.C.I.A.L up to the maximum: add skill points

Like weapons, armor, medicines and others are replicated, we can multiply our skill points in Fallout 4. To do this, we have to let go is the magazine we found at Sanctuary when we return to that house was the main character (under the cradle Shaun). This magazine gives us an extra point, and if we reply, we can increase the points of strength, charisma, luck, etc., to fill the S.P.E.C.I.A.L the maximum (10). It is clear in this video:

How to get infinite nuclei fusion

The power armor make a difference in many battles in Fallout 4, however, they have the disadvantage that they work with nuclei fusion, a resource that is scarce in 2287. Luckily, there is a trick to make us with infinite cores if you do not want to resort to console commands (which could damage our departure).

The only requirement for this trick is that we will have to join the Brotherhood of Steel. Once in the Prydwen, we can steal a fusion core of one of the knights who travel on the ship. If you do not get caught, keep the game quickly, and remain pending. The gentleman will exit the power armor and introduce a new kernel on it. Steal again as many times as you want, as long unseen. If the trick with Meatball will not come out, this is an easier way to get all cores you please:

jwplayerLoad function () {