Download Multiplayer for Minecraft (1.2.65) Android – Free

A Minecraft, the great adventure game sandbox type construction, users of Android and iPhone can find a major snag. And the Pocket Edition to play multiplayer requires the indispensable condition to share a wireless network with the other players. This limits rather one of the great virtues that offers the game in its PC version, both Windows and Linux, and Mac.

However players Pocket Edition are in luck because they can bypass this requirement with an unofficial app, yes, for the game. We talk about Multiplayer for Minecraft, installing the APK that offers the possibility of connect to servers where to play with up to 10 users simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

Finally the answer to how to play multiplayer Minecraft PE

Downloading the APK on your smartphone or tablet means you can online with other players beat you, no matter if they live in your own house or 5,000 kilometers away. This QSPM gives access to servers while allowing you to host your own, without complicated configurations or download strange applications. Only two requirements: the app multiplayer and, of course, the game of Mojang installed on mobile.

A new complementary app to add to the various companions, mods and skins with which you can reinforce the game.

key features

  • Disputed items up to 10 players.
  • Access servers in seconds or hosts the free yours.
  • Invite your friends from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Quick search on servers by name or ID mode.
  • Floating window options.
  • Extensive management functions: Expulsion of problem users, ban update blocks, combat ban ...
  • Servers distributed by geographic areas.
  • Game Mode Red vs Blue.

Gather your team and play against other

If you have the crafting more than overcome, you are presented with a way that you enjoy even more of your favorite game: form your own team and compete against other players in Red vs. Blue. Fight and defeat an opponent making this adventure into something like a MOBA strategy.