Download Adobe InCopy (CC 2017) – Free

Adobe InCopy is a word processor intended to be integrated into the workflow application of graphic design and layout of documents Adobe InDesign.

It could function as a standalone program similar to Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Write, but the real strength and versatility Adobe InCopy It is checked when used to preparing texts have to layout with InDesign.

Tool for writers and editors

As both tools share a same composition engine, Adobe guarantees a perfect consistency when we move text from one application to another, remaining identical advanced parameters typography, format, partition or line breaks, among many others.

The processor ideal for working with the toolkit graphic editing and layout of texts Adobe.

But most interesting is the possibility of working simultaneously from both applications on the same text, so that while the department contained the words, the design may be drawing available on the page.

This innovative mode It shortens production time and allows greater flexibility and speed in delivering written pages and layouts created with the press.