FastPokeMap Online – Free

By now you're familiar with the furor that is causing Pokémon GO. The augmented reality game developed by Niantic and distributed by Nintendo is definitely mobile game of the year and therefore nobody is surprised third parties seeking to cash in on this success.

The last of them is FastPokeMap, an online tool that works directly from your web browser, either Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other, which allows you find the exact location of any Pokémon in your area and know how long it will remain there until they disappear.

A web alternative to Pokevision, GoRadar, PokeMesh and other radars.

In short, this is another radar application for Pokémon GO a map showing on Google Maps style where we can find each of the 150 creatures featured in this mobile game, with the difference that this is a webapp and therefore works equally well on iPhone than Android.

Key features of FastPokeMap

  • Radar Pokémon Go directly to your browser.
  • Find Pokémons around and marks its validity period.
  • Possibility of writing an exact location to see what creatures are available there.
  • Apply filters to remove those Pokémons map that you already have under your belt.