Download Elf Yourself (5.2.0) Android – Free

The Christmas season always cherished involve a display of ornaments and paraphernalia that is unmatched in any other season. At classics Portal of Bethlehem and Christmas tree have joined mobile apps. Cards and Christmas cards, Christmas carols to download or emoticons to send WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram and others.

The favorite app of your brother

But what was needed to give a touch absolutely necessary to Christmas this compendium of applications? Well, obviously one that was capable of becoming to you and yours in elves dancers. Yes playmates, Elf Yourself Android that you know because you have seen plenty more videos than you wish.

What elves not carried in Spain but, so what?

So what This elf is proper Christmas in countries like the United States. Elsewhere, such as Spain, the icons are Santa Claus and without a doubt the Three Kings, who are the Petan every January 6. Elves, goblins and all that gang we've seen in movies and stuff, but we must see how we like to embrace anything that will help us to make a little cinnamon, as with this app.

Using ElfYourself?

Well, it's very simple. Download and install the APK on your smartphone or tablet and follow these steps:

  1. Step 1Runs the application and after reading you the terms of service (which sure what you do) you click OK.
  2. Step 2: Take a picture with the camera from your Facebook profile, gallery phone or faces as previously using (this would be if you had used the app as above).
  3. Step 3: Adjust the face frame and zoom to the mouth is on the dotted line.
  4. Step 4: Now you have your first goblin or elf created. You can add more or create greeting with which you have.
  5. step 5If you click to add greeting you can enter a message of 30 characters.
  6. step 6: Choose to save and return to the screen to create more goblins in which you can select Let's Dance !.
  7. step 7Once the video ends you can download, share on social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or email it.

You'll get your video that you can save and download on your phone to email or messaging application and chat.

Your friends and family will love them (Consider it done) you dance with your family, your newborn child, your dog ... 100% Ranciofact.

Further, Do not think the fun ends here: You can enter daily to the app because dances are added continuously, some free and some paid. Seriously, your environment and your contacts you are crying. They deserve it (although I would block and a horse's head between your bed sheets ...).