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Internet browsing has two main protagonists well known by all Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both are vying to be the most users in the world has and already, by far, followed by others such as Apple's Safari, Internet Explorer / Edge of Microsoft, Yandex and some others ... but as an alternative to all of them, and perhaps the best and more serious, we have a development of Norwegian origin.

A veteran avant-garde browser

Many did not know in 1995 that was launched Internet but that year the first version Opera Browser, a browser almost as old as Netscape Navigator but has managed to stay in time and build a loyal user base increasing, which led to not only see it in Windows, but also on PCs with Linux, Mac, Android in APK format for iPad and iPhone devices through their versions Coast and Mini.

It has gone through Windows versions like 95, XP or Vista and others.

And talk about it is not only because of its usability, speed and versatility to adapt to the latest web standards making it the alternative to Chrome and Firefox recommended though too. Its importance is found in that He has always been at the forefront of implementing bold ideas and advanced which they were later followed by its competitors, such as speed dial or quick, blockers pop-ups, user sessions, private browsing and tabbed browsing.

key features

It has a number of features that help make the Web browsing with it one of the best user experiences with such programs. Among them are the following:

  • Greater safety due to fraud protection and malware on the network.
  • Free VPN function to navigate with integrated privacy.
  • Adblocker built to block ads without downloading and installing extensions expediting the loading speed of the websites up to 90% faster.
  • Different functions to provide multitasking support: visual bookmarks, tabbed browsing, customizable shortcuts, pop-function video to not interrupt your work while you browse and reproduces videos ...
  • faster thanks to the Turbo compression function navigation.
  • optimized resource consumption designed for laptops.
  • Customization with over 1,000 extensions or add-ons and hundreds of themes to give it a personal touch.
  • Synchronization with other devices, whether PCs, smartphones or tablets.
  • Personal news channel.

In addition to these you will find which they are already common in this and other browsers such as keyboard shortcuts, the incognito or an extensive menu of options for advanced users who want to control every detail of your experience visiting websites.

Not any browser since it has been ahead of then imitated ideas.

If you're thinking advantages and disadvantages of using it, the fact is that the loser (although everyone loses) regarding the performance of Chrome. Now, it provides good results in this area that are offset by certain characteristics that make it usable in addition to those concerning user privacy, now concept to keep in mind.

Undoubtedly, the alternative browser more reliable and more pedigree that you can download to your computer.

Opera Speed ​​Test


Opera Speed ​​Test