How to download free Splive Player for PC (Windows)

Splive Player running on Windows

Splive Player is one of the best multi-format players for Android, but is not available for Windows or another operating system, neither is for iOS. Since the application can watch live TV no need for a TV signal adapter. Another advantage is that we can watch channels of pay TV for free. However, do not worry about the lack of compatibility with Windows, because this is an issue that can be solved very easily. And it is that if we use an emulator, as we have done many times, we have access to the player full form.

With Splive Player we can watch pay-TV and open for free.

We will not have much complication or when using the application or to install, although I notice that you will take longer on a computer than a mobile phone (for the issue of native support). Altogether it will take about ten minutes to configure everything, so it also takes too long.

Using PC Player Splive

Say Splive Player is like the add-on that allows us to watch TV on Kodi. If you have ever used, you probably know what's going on. It works through lists created by the community itself. There are servers that collect the signal of different channels, whether paid or free and the program that we bring today is ensure that we can interpret that signal. Unlike Kodi, Splive Player can also play radio frequencies.

Everything works through lists, both television and radio. And this is one of the great advantages and disadvantage at the same time. Great advantage because there is no need for physical decoder TDT and while it is a disadvantage because the lists often do not work. But do not worry, because chances are that each list has multiple servers, so if one fails we will have another. At first it's a little confusing, yes, but we just got used to it.

The first: download the APK file

Even if we make use of an emulator for Windows, we will need the installation file. Of course it is the same that we would use Android if we wished so. You can Windows download both directly and from the emulator itself (Later we show how to install and configure).

Steps to follow

  1. Step 1We are writing to the page of Splive Player.
  2. Step 2: We click on the Download button, green.
  3. Step 3: We were taken to a web confirmation. Press again the same button.
  4. step 4Mega will open and we will have to download by clicking on Download on the file browser.

This is very important: if you are in PC there will be no problem, but if you are on a smartphone or failing in the emulator, before entering Mega have to give the web browser settings that you may be using and note that you want to navigate as if you were in a computer, otherwise you will force MEGASync to make you download the file.

Install the app on an emulator

In this case we use MEMU, very good emulator for the occasion. Is easy to use, fast and does not come with much flourish, which would prevent its use enough. You can pick any other emulator if you already have one installed, or if you have recommended another but MEMU is the best because of its simplicity.

The download is very simple and is very similar to that of APK Splive Player, so it's not worth going into detail. Installation and that's another thing, it requires more steps. First of all, when you run the installer first emulator, the computer will ask us Administrator access. You will have to grant it, because otherwise the program will not run.

Installing PC MemuInstalling PC Memu

When it is opened, we select the Spanish language as we see in the above image and give it to continue in all steps. Once we reach the end, it will load bar installation and when finished will open automatically MEMU. Let load (the first time may be somewhat slower) and We go straight to install the file that you downloaded before.

Here we have two options. The first is that we made in the previous step in the emulator. The second is that we have done from Windows, so we will have to pass the file to the hard disk virtual machine with Android we've created. It's simple: in the menu on the right is a button that says APK. Press it and choose the path where the file is. Automatically start installing this if you give permission. If this does not work, we have to repeat the previous step from the own web browser emulator.

we will have Splive TV properly installed and ready for use. The first thing you have to do is find a list, because otherwise we can only see local media, so we can not see any television or listen to any radio frequency.