Download ROX Player (1480) – Free

ROX Player is a multimedia player designed to be as simple as possible to use, but not dispenses attractive options include the possibility of to stream torrents without downloading the file to the full.

Play torrent is possible ROX Player.

Thus one of the key aspects of ROX Player is its ability to accept file playback streaming. Is supports multiple protocols such as HTTP, and BitTorrent IPTV (Supporting DHT).

ROX Player Features

  • Playback window or full screen.
  • Easy to use, incorporating only the basic controls.
  • supports subtitles.
  • Support for video playback on-line as, for example, streaming torrents in real time.
  • Support for common multimedia formats, with the possibility of download codecs unrecognized files.

Discharge ROX Player free to have a simple media player, but with amazing playback options.