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Today it is very common to see Flash content, either in web pages, online games or video players. Despite the security concerns generated -and gradually HTML5 is going sustituyendo-, this technology is still widely used in today's web. This contrasts with the Steve Jobs decision not to allow playback of Flash on the iPhone, but we'll discuss this later. This has collided head-on with the wishes of many users who daily complain about not being able to play Flash content on their iPhones and iPads.

In this article we will give you the necessary keys to play Flash on your iPhone or your iPad, so you can access your sites and your favorite content.

Apps on an iPhoneApps on an iPhone

Flash on iPhone and iPad, a closed discussion

As mentioned earlier, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone was very clear: he made it clear that the iPhone would not play Flash content. This decision makes sense, given the problems that cause web browsers and security holes mentioned above. The adoption of HTML5 has caused a reduction Flash content that can be seen today, but there are still those who resist change.

In spite of the introduction in 2011 of Adobe Media Server 4.5 to try to alleviate these incompatibilities, time has passed, and iOS versions are still unable to play Flash content on iPhones. SWF content is banned in the "iCosas", but thanks to some workaround can skip Apple's restrictions for these files.

Applications for websites and Flash video (SWF)

There are different ways to enjoy Flash content and files in the iPhone and iPad. In some cases it is Flash applications that play natively, and in others it is working with the system to get us show you what we want to see. Below you will see some of these examples.

Updates arrive and incompatibilities continueUpdates arrive and incompatibilities continue

Playing Flash content jailbroken

This is the least desirable way because of the security risks of jailbreaking, but it is a way to circumvent Apple's restrictions regarding SWF content. That said, if you have an iPhone or iPad can use Cydia repositories to install the plug-in Frash.

Frash is in the repository, which we have to install Cydia from Manage / Handle - Fuentes, click on "Edit" and "Add". When we're done, we'll just find Frash in the repository, install it and restart your iPhone or iPad.

Puffin Web Browser, the browser that plays Flash without jailbreaking

Puffin Web Browser is presented as "a browser that enhances the browsing speed and saves data" through a fully transparent compression system for users. All this is fine, but what interests us is their support for Adobe Flash Player. The application fee and costs 3,99 euros, but worth it to enjoy a fast browser and low consumption.

Photon Browser, a browser that supports Flash content

Photon Browser is another browser supports Flash. It is aimed to privacy, it allows customization of the browser interface and includes support for markers and printing through AirPlay. It is another payment application, and 4,99 euros can enjoy another option to avoid having to resort to the jailbreak.

VirtualBrowser for Firefox, supports Flash and Java

VirtualBrowser for Firefox is Another great way to enjoy files in iOS. In addition, it also supports Java and runs through a virtual hosted cloud service. It is also to pay, and can be purchased from 4,99 euros.

With all these options at your fingertips you can enjoy hassle Flash content on your iPhone or iPad.

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