Learn how to configure any client FTP


If you are developing your first website, you'll soon realize that you need to upload your files to the server to enjoy your creation for that, there are FTP clients.

An FTP client is an application that allows File Transfer to an FTP server, a computer that contains an application called with the same name, which allows storage and transfer files with other networked computers.

To do this, use the protocol is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which means just that: protocol for file transfer. It is a protocol based on the Client / Server Architecture, that allows the transfer of files between computers connected to a TCP network equipment using the maximum connection speed, but without using encryption. To do this, there are SFTP and SCP protocols.

In any FTP client There are a number of data that are required as the host name (server address for the UV, for example, is disco.uv.es), username and password, which will be provided by the supplier of server space and in some cases the port (21). In addition, it is important to select an appropriate name that uniquely identifies the connection you are making.

When we went up files to an FTP server, we must consider an important point: the type of transfer we will make, ascii or binary. Since the ascii transfer mode is only suitable for plain text composed of printable characters, while the binary allows transfer executables, compressed files, images, ...

Some FTP clients:

There are numerous applications that make FTP client, but I like its simplicity and practicality are:

  • CuteFTP. It is one of the most complete FTP clients, which is characterized by its accuracy and reliability. Even incorporates the ability to edit HTML code to create our websites.
  • Filezilla. It is a powerful FTP client free platform stands out for its ease of use, because in appearance is very similar to Windows Explorer.
  • Total Commander. If you already use this excellent file browser, reminiscent of the classic Norton Commander, you'll be glad to know that you can also make FTP with him, in a very simple way.
  • FireFTP. For those addicted to Firefox add-ons, this is a plug-in must, as it will allow us to manage multiple accounts for FTP access to, and all this without leaving the browser and perfectly integrated into Firefox.

As a case study, let's see an example of Steps we have to follow to connect via FTP Filezilla:

  • 1. Install Filezilla.
  • 2. Fill in the following data are requested at the top of the window:

    • Server: The address of the web server. For example, for the University of Valencia is: disco.uv.es and Comalis, one of many hosting services there is www.comalis.com.
    • Username: The FTP user connection that you have been assigned by the university or your hosting service.
    • Password: The password for FTP connection you have chosen or you have been assigned.
    • Port: The FTP access port is 21.
  • 3. Press "Intro"At that time if the data are correct you will be connected to your hosting server.
  • 4. Finally, to upload files to the server need to drag files from left (local) window screen to the right window (remote), and to download files, conversely.