Download Google Drive (3.35.6251.4621) – Free

Using a service cloud storage has advantages, especially for those who usually move from one place to another file or class work and thus avoid having to constantly loading them on flash drives or external hard drives. Also for those who want to keep a backup of your information as they can host it online and so forget about taking risks losing the storage unit or that this fails.

Google's is next to OneDrive from Microsoft, Dropbox and iCloud Apple one of the most popular and most used services. We talk about google Drive, that because it works with a Google user account (the same as giving access to Gmail, Google+ or any other service search company) is the storage system preferred by millions of users worldwide.

In addition, we talk about a multiplatform service so even if you download this version for Windows PC, you'll be able to use their tasks to other devices because there Mac version and also apps for iPhone and Android.

How Google Drive works?

To use this online storage service you just have to download the client application on your computer. Once you download you can set it to assign the folder or folders on your PC that you want are associated with the application. That means every time you put any file in that folder, and as long as you have a network connection, this will be synchronized with your folder in the cloud. From that point you can access from another device through the app GDrive or accessed through the web and have accessible.

key features

Is it better than Dropbox? Is it better to OneDrive? Better than Box? Actually they are all similar, what happens is that depending on what applications, email or even devices we may want to use more than one or the other. For example, OneDrive integration with Microsoft Office is a great advantage over Google Drive if we are users of this office suite:

  • Store your files in the cloud. Go up to your room all your files and access to them from anywhere on any device.
  • Share content with other users publicly share the link or for specific users.
  • Team work: Google Docs access and edit documents collaboratively, create spreadsheets or presentations.
  • 15 GB of free storage start.
  • Synchronize media content with Google+.
  • Change history.
  • Opens up to 30 different file formats.

How much storage space offers Google Drive?

This service has three different plans, one of them being free and two paid. They offer an online hard drive capacity differently depending on their prices:

  • free Drive: 15GB. It is the default to all Google users. Simply log in with your email.
  • Drive 100GB: By 1.99 € or € 19.99 for the full year you can choose to 100 GB of space.
  • Drive 1 TB: 1,000 GB for those who need to have much online space. It is particularly suitable for professionals or companies. It costs € 9.99 per month or 99.99 € per year in one annual payment.

Anyway has an option of unlimited space and is reserved for teachers and students who can testify that they are, of course. Service is part of Google Apps for Education.

What's new in the latest version

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Installing and configuring Google Drive


Installing and configuring Google Drive