Download Kaz Torrent Search (0.9.1) – Free

¿BitTorrent or eDonkey? This is the dilemma of many users who often use file sharing networks. both BitTorrent clients such as eDonkey allow us to share and download many excellent content download speeds.

But BitTorrent clients like uTorrent have a drawback against programs like eMule, is that they do not allow the searches for files from the same client interface. From Google Code we are presented a solution: Kaz Torrent Search.

Kaz Torrent Search It is a lightweight application that automates file search torrent by employing a torrent indexer as And possibly soon also incorporate one of the best known:

But not only it does searches, but also It allows you to manage and organize files download on your hard drive. In addition, it supports most popular clients such as uTorrent or Transmission BitTorrent. One drawback, program management is unintuitive.

In Kaz Torrent Search You will find everything you need for your favorite BitTorrent files.