Download Adobe Audition (CC 2017) – Free

Among the wide range of software offered by the company Adobe There is also room for dedicated applications to the world of audio and music production. Adobe Audition is a powerful music production suite in which recording and record sound, edit it without limits, sequence it on a project and making mixes between different tracks.

Dota the best sound to your video and audio productions.

For some time, this software is a essential in studies of half the world. Earlier versions such as 1.5, 3.0 or C6, represented a qualitative leap in quality, and within the series and DC versions, has been planting face to competitive alternatives in different languages ​​like Cubase, including in Spanish. This new version completes the transformation of the product was formerly known as Cool Edit Pro.

Main features Adobe sequencer

  • Remixing and adjusts the length of a song.
  • Save your work automatically in Adobe Cloud.
  • Corrects the volume automatically.
  • Create music of any style and gender and for all kinds of purposes: dance floors, film production, soundtracks, advertising ...
  • Full compatibility with MIDI protocol.
  • Compatible with ASIO and WDM drivers.
  • Use MIDI controllers to work with the software, eg keyboards teachers.
  • Compatible with VST virtual instruments.
  • Supported audio formats: WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA.
  • Wide range of effects incorporated by DSP: reverb, delay, compression, mastering ...
  • Absolute compatibility with Adobe Premiere to work with both programs together.
  • integrated OMF import and export function.
  • XML exchanges with other nonlinear editing applications.
  • It enables batch file processing.
  • It includes its own free sound library copyright.
  • It has improved multitrack environment.
  • Integrates a preview editor.
  • Compatible with Dolby Digital.
  • SoundCloud load.

A high-flying sequencer

This software has a powerful engine high performance audio For best results when making multitrack mixes you can combine all sources. You can restore audio in poor condition with various tools including drawing and detailed visualization offered by the spectral system.

By shipments and audio inserts you can change the mixture with absolute flexibility. combines effect chains, channels and group buses to reach new and impressive soundscapes.

Audio sequencer with the guarantee of a company like Adobe.

This tool is widely used both Windows and Mac, with many users who demand versions adapted to smartphones and tablets, whether for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad or Android APK format.

If you were wondering about which is better, FL Studio, Audacity, Pro Tools ... well, Adobe Audition possibly leading to discard them all and decide for him.

The editor and audio sequencer Adobe


The editor and audio sequencer Adobe