Download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (1.2.3) for PC – Free

Who knew what a game sandbox If it were not for the Minecraft phenomenon or Grand Theft Auto? The video game series developed by Mojang and Microsoft bought for nearly three years ago discovered the young and not so tied to the big players what was a Rockstar open world.

The main objective of the game is none other than infinite scroll through that world randomly generated, build all types of buildings or objects with more than three hundred materials available and protected to survive to dangerous nights. However, what really distinctive of this classic video game that has millions of players around the globe, is their look: the scenes, characters and objects are formed by pixeled polygons totally distinctive calling the affection for retro video games.

Minecraft features of Windows 10 Edition

This edition of Minecraft for PC does not differ from other versions for iPhone, Android, Mac or Linux. It includes all fun features that will summarize below:

  • Build all kinds of defenses, buildings, shelters, castles, fortresses ...
  • Create and explore a world without boundaries where only slows you down your own imagination.
  • Search materials and create tools, items and weapons to survive.
  • The night is dangerous: the player must manage to protect themselves from monsters and enemies.
  • multiplayer to crafting with your friends or other players.
  • The game includes an editor with which the player can create their own scenarios.
  • Absolute freedom of movement and ability to modify the environment pleasure.

If you are still among the few who neither has proven, care, engaging.

What difference different game modes?

Over the years, developers have been including Minecraft different game modes tailored to different tastes of its users. According to the chosen mode may take action, use the game to simply build and relax or live great adventures:

  • Survival: The player must acquire resources to maintain their health and survive the attack of multiple creatures at night.
  • Extreme: An amount equal to the previous one but with a great added difficulty mode; after dying, the player does not regenerate.
  • Creative: The player has an unlimited supply of blocks and game objects to build whatever you want without being attacked.
  • Adventure: It is for players who are dedicated to creating maps for users who want to play online with certain predefined conditions.
  • ViewerThis mode "observers" It lets fly over the whole game and through blocks to see the virtual world without interacting in it.

How to make a house in Minecraft?

While some may surprise you, this is one of the players more questions arise when starting the game. The house is an indispensable element: the player safe haven in which to protect themselves from Creepers and all kinds of bugs, build, sleep or explore safely. On the Internet with a simple search on Google, you can find hundreds of guides step by step and, even better, YouTube videos showing every detail of the construction process with all kinds of materials, recorded by famous youtubers and other very advanced players.

Enjoy one of the most successful games in history which combines with taste the adventure genre, platform, type sandbox and all the elements that tend to like them all in a geometric world and totally reknowable.

What's new in the latest version

  • Several errors are corrected.