Download Airbind (0.76) – Free

Many users with a mobile terminal equipped with the Android operating system. If you also use iTunes to manage and enjoy their music on the PC are in luck, since Airbind You can synchronize the iTunes library to your Android phone.


  • Syncs your iTunes library to your Android device through the Wi-Fi network.
  • It allows sync music, videos and photos.
  • Set the automatic synchronization between the software and devices.

Install the software on both devices

To use Airbind You need download both the client for your PC to your Android device. Once installed must connect computers to the same Wi-Fi, which will be responsible for transferring the multimedia network. Locate the Apple player library on your hard drive and go.

It is not the best alternative, but Airbind you can pull through. The application is developed in Java and It seems somewhat unstable, and the support provided by its developers is nonexistent.

Discharge Airbind free and synchronizes with your iTunes library Android.