Download Sway – Free

PowerPoint presentations are useful for displaying data, diagrams and summaries, but fall short to tell stories, which is what can best Sway. This novel application of Microsoft gives you the opportunity to enrich your content create personal presentations or work much more interesting.

Excellent application of digital storytelling.

This program reinvents the world of presentations by allowing including interactive content. Present a school work, project work or your last vacation, it is now more fascinating. You can even create your own newsletters.

Main features

  • Creating presentations enriched with dynamic and interactive content.
  • valid tool both to tell your personal stories to create ambitious work projects.
  • Easily possibility of including all types of multimedia content: music, videos, images, graphics ...
  • Seamless integration with other interactive elements such as maps, Google searches, tweets...
  • Function "remixing" which allows you to modify the initial design quickly and easily.
  • Option to share your creations even users without registration.

Try this application and forget about the boring slide shows.