Download MTK Engineering Mode (1.2) Android – Free

The name of this application may sound like Chinese, but if you have an Android smartphone MTK, this is a phone processor MediaTek, as opposed to Qualcomm (the other big manufacturer of mobile processors), you should pay attention to this MTK Engineering Mode since you can be useful.

What is it and how MTK Engineering Mode work?

It is basically an application that we can activate the advanced configuration options or service mode of a terminal MTK, you can access information about the software and hardware phones equipped with these processors, such as:

  • Usage statistics.
  • Battery information: status, temperature, voltage, technology, etc.
  • Information about wireless networks: connection time, signal level, etc.

It also allows us to increase the performance of your phone, apply small changes to the terminal configuration and even modifying the device's IMEI, and all this without being root or have superuser permissions.

Although the application interface is quite sober and intuitive, is not it a homespun application, so once you download the APK we recommend that you do some kind of tutorial to learn how to handle this tool. And remember, it only works with devices MTK, so if yours is not, do not try.