Download Pokémon Uranium (1.0) for PC – Free

After 9 years of development, a team of Pokémon fans has succeeded in developing a completely new game, without any connection to Nintendo, which might seem original house.

Keeping the same types of graphic and method usual game, Pokémon Uranium It looks like an official Game Boy DS or 3DS but in a new world created by the developers and over 150 Pokémon creatures that have nothing to do with the officers.

Explore the Tandor region, find the hidden Pokémon and visit its 8 gymnasiums.

A Pokémon done by fans without infringing the copyright of Nintendo

In this Pokémon Uranium you will not find the beloved Pikachu Ash, Misty and the Staryu or Vulpix of Brock but you'll be surprised of imagination that have had these fans of Pokémon to create more than 150 new and avoid plagiarism. Orchynx, Raptorch or Eletux are names that start blowing your nose if you decide to dive into the adventure Pokémon Uranium.

In addition, you can play to combat online against other players and Pokémon besides swap to make with everyone.