Download ZenWriter (2.38) – Free

ZenWriter It is a minimalist text editor only has the necessary tools to add text, and avoid other unnecessary options that may disrupt our concentration. ZenWriter It intended to get focus to write, through funding and relaxing music. If you need peace and quiet to write, Trial ZenWriter.

The more sober text editor

When you run the application, a fund that will occupy the entire desktop with a simple menu on the left will appear and a central space for writing. ZenWriter Change the size and typeface of letters, and choose whether you want a theme for the light or dark background. We can also choose from various songs and wallpapers. ZenWriter its interface eliminates any element that we can distract, and meets all controls on a simple menu. Thus, the writing will be more fluid and only look forward to what we write.

Focus writing without distractions

If you have trouble concentrating when you work on your computer because you do not stop to check your social networks, or Inbox email, you need to use ZenWriter.