Alternatives to FastPokeMap: GO Pokémon radars that work

Pokemon Pikachu

You can not deny that Pokémon GO has caused real fever among players of mobile systems. Passion by some players when done with all pocket monsters can get is so strong that have appeared tracking applications to help capture. One of the first was PokeVision that due to an update of the game saw the new APIs that were made unusable to find these beings. The next most used was FastPokeMap, universally considered one of the best alternatives to PokeVision that could be found on the Internet.

FastPokeMap now does not work. As can be seen as accessing your web, the service will remain "closed until further notice". Niantic is getting very hard with tracking apps, all trying to stop working as soon as possible. From the developer He believes that the players are cheating to use them, and maybe, somehow, are hurting their business model.

The best options to replace FastPokeMap

FastPokeMap tweet announcing the closure of the serviceFastPokeMap tweet announcing the closure of the service

What from Niantic not seem to have foreseen is the call "hydra effect": For each radar GO Pokémon getting close, it appears another. They may try to cut as many heads as they want, but that does not seem to deter those determined to create ways to facilitate the search for Pokémon players.

Pokecrew, a map generated by players

Pokecrew is a map created by crowdsourcing can use Android users. All data on the various pokémon that can be found around the world have been contributed by users, which is difficult to certify its reliability. It indicates all kinds of data about the creatures found as their type or distance that is., rather than a simple map

PokeFind map on the webPokeFind map on the web

PokeFind is a webapp that works, like the previous alternative, such as a map created by crowdsourcing. Now, it has a fundamental difference with the previous one: It includes a calculator developments which will better manage this aspect. In addition, it also features versions of the map as applications for iOS and Android.

Pokémapper, is pokémon from any device

It is clear that after the success of FastPokeMap crawlers pokémon based on the cloud and agnostics to the device used operating system would proliferate like mushrooms. Pokémapper is another map created by users themselves through crowdsourcing, you will be able to use seamlessly from any device. Only allows access to your location and let the program do the rest., as close to FastPokeMap

Unlike other alternatives we've seen so far, It is one of the most reliable webapps we could find so far. Although it shares its name with one of the applications we have listed here do not include changes Calculator although have a chat to talk with other coaches pokémon in real time.

GO Map - For Pokémon GO, an alternative to Android

GO Map - For Pokémon GOGO Map - For Pokémon GO

In line apps as discussed above, Go Map It is an Android app that also works by crowdsourcing. This means that users upload the locations where they have seen pokémon appear to servers that host this map. You can set notifications to alert us whenever we find a new baby on the way and we can even see a breakdown of appearing near our location.

GO Radar - Live Map for Pokémon GO, the best app for iOS

GO Radar It works basically like GO Map, although what the difference is the platform on which they run. This app for iOS is one of the few radars Pokémon left in the Apple operating system, and now looks set to continue. It has an alert system and also works through crowdsourcing.