Download Musicloud (1.6) iPhone – Free

To enjoy your music collection in MP3 is not necessary to always take it with you. An app like Musicloud avoids accessing it where it is stored, either on another iOS, Windows PC, Mac or service cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or Drive One device.

Do not carry your music with you: accessed from anywhere.

To access it only You need a data connection or access to a WiFi network (Most recommended if you do not want to consume the rate you have hired). It has playback features but also with the ability to manage your music library, can transfer files, download, move or rename.

key features

  • Compatible with various music formats, including FLAC and MP3.
  • Timer standby mode.
  • graphic equalizer with 20 different views.
  • Show the lyrics while listening to music.
  • Creating and managing lists similar to iPod Smart Playlists.
  • Import music from iPod library.
  • Tabbed Organization for songs, albums, artists and genres.
  • Tag editor and letters.
  • ITunes file sharing.
  • Transfer via WiFi.
  • Download music, pictures and files from online storage sites.
  • Function to move, rename or delete tracks and songs.
  • Search by artist, title, album and genre.
  • Create and manage folders.
  • History of songs played.