Download Score! Hero (1.41) Android – Free

Although the two great examples of football games are basically simulators, many other titles inspired by the sport. One of them is Score! Hero, a kind of manager and game management in which you must try to take a young lad from the fields of land in her neighborhood succeed in the elite. And all this without tricks, hacks or cheating.

Test your soccer skills: breaks defenses and put the ball where you want.

To do this, once you download the APK to your smartphone or tablet, you should own train hard all game actions: Shots, passes, assists, free throws, passes through, etc. All in pursuit of improving the skills of the player, stand out from other players and achieve joining a professional team. And there will begin the meteoric career of the player who will attempt to become best in the world based on winning games and championships. The Golden Ball is getting closer.

key features

  • Evolves meteorically from promise to soccer star.
  • Achieves joining the club of your dreams.
  • More than 440 levels.
  • 3D graphics and cinematic animations.
  • AI system that adapts to your game forcing you to continually change.
  • Customize your player, changing its appearance and name.
  • Compete with your friends to share scores via Facebook.

A game concept totally different from the established Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA but you'll enjoy the kind of game that proposes: football point-and-click.