Download Xpadder (5.3) for PC – Free

To enjoy the games on our PC keyboard and mouse can be an emergency measure, but any gamepad will offer higher performance and comfort. There are games that support this kind of drivers, but others only allows operation via keyboard and mouse. For these cases you can use Xpadder.

Use your gamepad with any Windows program.

Xpadder It allows drivers compatible with gamepads or games that are not default. this utility "deceives" the game and gives you the ability to use these controllers, simulating the origin of the pulsation actually done from the keyboard and mouse rather than from the incompatible component.


  • Make compatible with gamepads games which in principle they can only be used by the keyboard and mouse on your PC: DOS emulators, Flash games ...
  • uses up to 16 commands, joysticks and even steering wheels, dance mats, guitars and drums ...
  • Change the appearance of the program.
  • Configures the necessary movements and stores the profiles on your PC.
  • Uses Xpadder as multimedia controller or wireless controller.
  • It includes support for lefthanders.

Your opponents also play with RC

using Xpadder, Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP you will never again give more problems in controlling a video game. You can Always use your command, that you find it comfortable to use and guarantees you the best control in all situations.

Discharge Xpadder free and prevents the enemy kills you or your career ends at any misplaced because of a curve poor control.

PC PS3 Configure command


PC PS3 Configure command