Download WhatsApp Messenger (02/17/71) iPhone – Free

At this point the application chat instant messaging and more used in the world needs no introduction. It is that it did detract from sending SMS and much less by phone llamásemos ... of course, we talk about WhatsApp Messenger what with more than 1,000 million users worldwide It has become a virtually indispensable apps on any smartphone.

Send text and voice messages, chat, share images and documents, called ...

What started as a tool to write text messages has finally cover other aspects of communication on the Internet and it has not stopped evolving. Leveraging mobile networks and wireless data (3G, 4G, 5G, wifi ...) It allows you to send messages and documents or make calls. And all this only to have the telephone number of a person.

It is rare to find someone who has not installed the application on your mobile.

Key features of WhatsApp

The most important functions of this program and you can enjoy iPhone are:

  • Send text messages.
  • Send multimedia files like photos and videos.
  • Record voice messages and Send them to any contact.
  • Create groups or chat rooms with different contacts and contact all at once.
  • Make free voice calls using VoIP protocol (We recommend a WiFi connection for this).
  • See any conversation and messages in it have received or sent even if you're offline.
  • Set your own profile picture.
  • Share locations.
  • Exchanged contacts.
  • Customize funds with photos from your gallery.
  • Take photos and send them directly through the camera function incorporating each chat window.
  • Send broadcast messages to several people and groups at once.
  • Mentions individual users in groups.
  • Login and logout forget: you're always connected.
  • Support for the Desktop and Web version for Windows and Mac (Although you can use WhatsApp on Linux with a browser).
  • No international rates.
  • Save the history of your conversations and send them by mail.
  • always free.
  • Data Encryption point to point.

And what about our security and privacy?

Much has been said about purchasing this messaging system by Facebook. It paid about 21,000 million dollars to seize becoming the company that owns the two communication apps most used in the world: this and Facebook Messenger. And there has been talk that since Rumors about the integrity of our private data make it be called into question: Business social network relies on advertising to sell us know so that can be used for that need.

As for security this has been one of the weaknesses of the tool for a long time: do not provide data encryption system guarantees has caused many users concerned about information sharing on the network reaches the wrong hands. That's why other services such as Signal Telegram or have been quick to establish itself as an alternative to WhatsApp. However already end to end encryption is incorporated and it is supposed to make our communications more secure.

What's new in the latest version

  • Solution of a bug affecting iOS notifications 11.
  • Share your location in real time with family and friends.

How to Install WhatsApp


How to Install WhatsApp