Download FotoMorph (13.9.1) – Free

In the 90s, it became fashionable effect today still relevant today. It is is the morphing effect is achieved whereby transform one object into another different. Generally, it is used for processing faces. Thus, staggering metamorphosis are achieved.

To achieve this effect have an free and easy to use as FotoMorph. Basically, its operation is as follows: open two images (the start and end) and determines control points that are used to transition. The number of points you choose, and the accuracy with which the Situes determine the success of the transformation.

The main features of FotoMorph They are:
- Intuitive and easy to use.
- Creating animations in real time.
- Possibility of saving the transformation in various formats: Flash, animated GIF, AVI, JPEG, etc.

And for management FotoMorph I find it very easy, from the same application you can access comprehensive help, yes, in English.