How to send a contact via WhatsApp

How to send a contact via WhatsApp

We show how to send a contact via WhatsApp, a very simple way to share data on your agenda during a conversation with your partner.

WhatsApp in talks possible send contacts of our agenda our interlocutor easily a very simple method for sharing information about a person. Like you can attach pictures, videos, voice recordings or locations on maps, contacts can also be shared easily.

pop-up menu to attach files

To do this you just have to access the conversation WhatsApp for Android and use the shaped symbol "paperclip" is in the upper right corner of the screen on Android, or circle with an arrow next to the text entry box in WhatsApp for iPhone. A popup menu with 5 different options will open.

Select a contact in the phonebook

Android uses the last icon, which resembles a contact card. Click the option in iOS "Share contact". You will be redirected automatically to your calendar. Browse among the contacts until you find the person you want and press it to view its data and insert them into the conversation.

Contact added in conversation

Send contacts via WhatsApp is very simple and saves us a lot of trouble. It can be done quickly and not have to be repeated hundreds of times the number as happened once when called by phone, or alternating between the agenda and the application medium memorize the number. Ahoya you know how to send WhatsApp contact.