Download 3D Skeleton (2.0) – Free

The more than 200 bones having an adult human in the body have a name. Some are known to all: skull, tibia and fibula and femur. However, few know the appearance of sacrum or function hyoid. True? Well, that will change 3D skeleton.

This application allows large and small (especially students) learn the bones that make up the human body, its shape and function. For it has the Learning mode where we will discover each of the body's bones and Test mode, in which we demonstrate what we have learned about the bones.

The software allows perfectly visualize the entire skeleton in 3D modeling and interact with it using the keyboard and mouse, which makes things much easier. In addition, you can change the camera to see the head-skeleton, back or side.

So, if you're student, or just want to know more about osmología, install this software that lets you learn about bones interactively.