Download Raft (1.05) for PC – Free

I recognize that large bodies of water have always given me some respect. The idea of ​​being in the middle of a huge lake or ocean, with no possibility of reaching the mainland and a rickety boat gives me chills ... maybe because I think about how hard to survive in such a situation. And this is precisely what we find in Raft, a game like sandbox similar to Raft Survival Simulator mobile and so fashionable it has Minecraft and that puts us in the role of a castaway who roams high seas on board a wooden boat.

A severe test of extreme survival.

As in the game of Mojang and the like, we have to explore the vastness of the ocean mainly for two things: finding objects crafting to build a better shelter (which is our own boat) and procure food and water. To do Obviously we have to face the various dangers lurking in the water and put in check our survivability.

Developed with Unity graphics engine, the game shows a scenario in 3D moving quite fluently, not being excessive hardware requirements to run (accounts with both 32 bit and 64 bit, by the way).

key features

Apañártelas'll have to take all kinds of objects from shipwrecks water and trash thrown into the sea by other boats crafting your toolkit to expand your home and build weapons. You'll have to do it all without losing sight of the levels of health, water and food that you marked on the bottom and you should not let it run out if you do not want to die.

  • Collect materials floating in the water you can be useful.
  • Craftea objects to build tools and weapons.
  • Debugs sea water for drinking and cooking.
  • Fish tries to avoid starvation.
  • Make bigger your raft with everything you pick.

We are in the Windows version but know that there are versions for other platforms like Mac and Linux. Android and iPhone have a similar title, Raft Survival Simulator, so you can play on any device you have available, whether laptop or desktop, smartphone or tablet.